Hello World!


What a lovely day, imagine about the worst way to sort a segmented allocation like this:

#define swp(a, b) a=a^b;b=a^b;a=a^b;
void bsort(int *arr) {
  int size = sizeof(*arr) / sizeof(arr[0]), x, y;
  for(x=0; x<size; x++)
    for(y=0; y<size; y++)
      if(arr[x] > arr[y])
        swp(arr[x], arr[y]);

Just to convince you to know I have a plenty knowledge about this language, doesn’t mean this piece of code pass the coverage. Worst, it output the wrong, not pass a single check

If it works, it works

But how

There is a few things to notice

Now try something else

Last but last